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Mean Stack Development

  • Mongo DB
  • Express JS
  • Angular
  • Node JS

Mean Stack Web Development Services

Our Professional offers Mean Stack Application Development to create advanced web apps.

Mongo DB has many built- in features such as Support of JSON format, auto sharding, full text search, intuitive command line interface, and map reduce functionality. Mongo DB is the best database for creating RESTful APIs or MVC style apps. This platform is very helpful in case of flexible and fast data storage for mobile or web applications that communicate broadly with the data backend. Mongo DB is powered by some basic structural aspects such as Data Model- normalized data models, embedded data models, Grid FS, sharding, aggregation, indexes, and replication.

Express JS is a JavaScript web application framework to build dynamic websites with efficient features. Express JS and NodeJS both are used as aserver-side framework to deliver unmatched performance in web applications.

Angular is a feature- rich SPA (Single- page application) framework and deals with issues like routing, DOM manipulation, and building of the browser history. Angular has some chief qualities such as routing support, deep linking, data binding, dependency injection, templates, filters, and directives.

Node JS is a server side programming language and the websites or applications developed utilizing Node.js are rich in speed. Our professional software workers bestow outstanding and perfect software solutions that enhance the business growth of your purchasers.


Single Page Web Applications

Single Page Web Applications

SPA approach allows continue consuming and interacting with the page while new elements are being updated or fetched, and can result in much faster content reloading.


Highly Flexible

MEAN allows you to test application on cloud platform after completion of development. Applications can be easily developed, tested and introduced in the cloud.


Testing Tools

The MEAN stack comes with a very powerful suite of testing tools like Karma and Nodeunit enable you to have unit test coverage of your entire stack.



NoSQL, which stand for "not only SQL," is an alternative to traditional relational databases in which data is placed in tables and data schema is carefully designed before the database is built.



JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is used in both NodeJS and AngularJS. And MongoDB is a component based relational database that offers users to save documents in JSON format.


Cloud Compatible

All the MEAN stack technologies are open source and available for free. It helps the development process using libraries and public repositories and reduces the development cost.

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Idea to Product

Idea to Product

We will use our extensive knowledge of technology to propose a custom solution fitted to your specific requirements and turn your idea into a successful product.



We email a weekly project update outlining time spent, progress made, issues encountered and the following week’s plan so you can keep track of costs & status.



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